Jewellery Care


Think about how you wear your jewellery.

A hand sewn piece of jewellery demands greater care than ordinary mass produced jewellery and accessories.

I only use the best materials in my jewellery but they will not hold for careless use.

Pearls and crystals that weighs down and tares by a big heavy coat for example will eventually cut off the thread that the jewellery is sewn with, the same thing will eventually happen if you rub and spin the pearls and crystals.

Wear your jewellery, don´t wear and tear it!

Notice that the piece of jewellery that are most exposed to wear is bracelets, be careful so that you don´t get a break between hand and wrist so that the bracelet gets damaged and breaks

Most of our findings are silver or gold plated or has another plating, pearls and crystals can have a so called coating around it

Common to these findings and crystals/pearls are that you should not rub to much when you clean them. 

The coating/plating will wear off much sooner if you do

Only use a damp cloth and dry off carefully.

Plated jewellery wears naturally but if you follow the care instructions you can delay it

Notice that skin lotion, hairspray, water and perfume damages your jewellery

Always take off your jewellery when you shower and make sure that the perfume has dryed before you put on your jewellery

Take off your jewellery when you work out. Sweat contains salt and makes your jewellery oxidize.

Don't sleep with your jewellery on. Keep them separated from other jewelleries so that they don't get scratched

Storage: Please keep your jewellery in the jewellery box. Never store your jewellery in a damp place since it can accelerate the discoloration.

I hope you get much pleasure from your jewellery for many years!

Browbands and Dog collars

Treat the browband and dog collar as a fine piece of jewellery!

Don't fold it, don't rub or spin the pearls and crystals.

Pearls and crystals have sharp edges and even though the jewellery is securely sewn with the best thread it will not hold for careless use.

Every time you rub or spin on a pearl/crystal you also put a wear on the thread!

Your browband/dog collar is something extraordinary and that is why it demands a better handling. See it not only as a browband/dog collar, see it as the exclusive jewellery it actually is.

Handle it and keep it in the shape it has when you receive it, don't bend or twist and turn it any other way.

Don't fold it or pry it apart!

If you don't keep the browband on your bridle, store it in the box it arrived in.

Pearls/crystals and other findings are not made for animals but if you care for your jewellery browband/dog collar it works just fine to decorate your best friend.

It is likely though that plating and coating will not last as long as if you would wear the jewellery.

Use it, care for it and store the browband/dog collar the best way you know how and it will last for a long time