Precious Browband #5

2 200 kr
The base of this brow band has a base of Preciosas most exclusive stones, Maxima, in the color Crystal AB
The stones are big, 7mm
Around it has small emerald seed beads sewn together with 6mm bicones from Swarovski in the color
Sparkles very pretty

Thou it is all hand made like all our Brow bands, Dog collars and Jewellery the expected delivery time is about 6 weeks

If you want do design your own brow band don't hesitate to contact us, we love to customise

The loops on all our browbands are easy to adjust so that the browband will fit almost any bridle or double bridle.
Just open the screws and make a new hole in the leather, put the screw in the new hole and if you measured accurately the loops will fit perfectly.
With our easy solution you can use the same browband on all your bridles and double bridles.
Just by making new holes in the ends and moving the screws you can change the size of the loops

Please note that if you have made changes on your browband you can not cancel your purchase!

Toxic #8
2 500 kr
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2 000 kr
Heart Siam
300 kr
390 kr
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