Delight Dog Collar #4

12 000 kr

A beautiful dog collar that is all handmade like all our products

The collar is very soft and comfortable but still very robust and are made with high quality leather 

As always decorated with the best crystals in the world

Attached you find a chain of 12mm crystals in the color Light Colorado Topaz, if you want some other color

on the crystals feel free to contact me. 

Please let me know what size your dog has around it's neck

The color chart shows what colors are available  in a 12mm size.  Please note that  if a color has a symbol next to it, then the color is not available in this size. This round stone is available in sizes between 4mm up to 18mm. The bigger the stone is, less colors are available. If your desired color has a symbol next to it, it might be available in a smaller stone